•   If you need a Russian Visa, we can help you to obtain it. Just follow next link and you'll find all necessary information about getting Visa to Russia visa invitation
  • Transfer from the airport, railway and bus station to the apartment is free of charge (1 way,1 time) if you stay for more than 4 days in a row (only booking in our website or in WeChat, all another booking with another website is not free ). If less, the price is discussed beforehand. You can also request transfer from the apartment to the airport, railway and bus station 
550 rubles/car - airport to apartment(+each 20 minutes 100 rubles for parking in airport)  or apartment to airport (include 1-4 persons);
550 rubles/car - railway station to apartment or apartment to railway station (include 1-4 persons); 
400 rubles/car - center bus station to apartment or apartment to center bus station (include 1-4 persons);
400 rubles/car - center market to apartment or apartment to center market (include 1-4 persons);
  • Trip to Baikal (Listvynka) (30 rub/km + 800 rub/hr) Approximate amount will be 5000-8500 rubles (trip to Listvyanka village, stops at the Taltsy museum, Chersky peak, Limnological museum, central market, Seal pool; up to 4 persons). Not switch on tickets in museum. Organized tours 1500 rubles/hour, minimum duration 3 hours, professional guide).
  • Safe luggage: one bag (20cm*60cm*40cm) cost -50 rub/night; one big bag (40cm*80*60cm) cost -100 rub/night; 12:00-20:00 (day) is free
  • New Tour of Bars and Clubs/ Night life of Irkutsk. Includes a visit to 1 bar of beer, 2/3 bars of coctails and wine (We can change 3/4 bars in one place), 1 Big Club of Irkutsk
  • This tour can be on Friday or Saturday start at 21:00-22:00. Finish at 1:00-2:00am 2000 rubles - your guide doesn't drink and pick you up on all bars and club on privete car (1-4 persons); 
    3500 rubles - your guide drink with you and all transfers by taxi (1-3 persons);
    4500 rubles -your guide drink with you and all transfers by taxi (4-7 persons);
    For food and coctails and beers pay tourusts!!! (1 person can spend 2000-5000 rubles)
  • The tickets on minibus to Olkhon (Huzir) 2018:
       1 ticket cost - 1000 rub ( includes Our Apartment to Center bus station to Olkhon/Huzir your book guest house, include ferry)
  • The tickets train on Krugobaikalskiy Express for Circum Baikal Railway 2018:
train tickets