Our accommodation rules are common and obligatory for all the guests staying

1. Minimum term of daily flat rent – 1 day;

  2. Сheck in - 13:00; Check out - 12:00  

3. Moving into a flat is only possible after a prepayment only. Staying on credit is prohibited;

  5. The guest has to hand in 1000 rubles as the deposit for the property safety. The deposit is returned when the guest moves out;  

6. The guest is obliged to vacate the flat not later than 12:00 or extend their rent, which should be notified of in no less than 24 hours time;

7. The guest has to ensure the safekeeping of the flat and the property taken into temporary daily use, observe the rules of fire safety and the rules of living spaces use in multifamily housings, make no noise, particularly from 22:00 to 08:00. In case of violations of the rules of living spaces use in multifamily housings, including breaking the quietness from 22:00 to 08:00 – the deposit is not returned;

  8. In case of loosing the keys the guest has to pay the fine of 1500 rubles;  

9. In case of damaging the property the guest is obliged to compensate the full price of the loss.