How can I rent an apartment in Irkutsk via How can I rent an apartment for 1 day?

Call +7 950 099 5050 (Alexander) to confirm the availability of a guest apartment, choose one, let us know how many people are coming in, give us your name and contact details. If a prepayment is possible for you (in case of well in advance booking), we are happy to meet you.

It is also possible to book accommodation via e-mail, specifying the date of arrival, flight number, number of people and contacts (phone number and name). We will contact you within 1 day.

What is the daily charge for the apartment? How is it calculated?

Check-in time is 12:00 and no matter if you checked in at midday or evening, you are required to check out before 12:00. If you leave later, it will be discussed individually.

Do you have any discounts?

Yes, we have. You can get a discount if you stay more than 10 days.

Is it easy to rent an apartment by daily?

By the day apartments in Irkutsk are rather popular among “business trip” tourists and those who want freedom, privacy, comfort and budget accommodation. In any case, go through some web-sites, call posted numbers and ask about the quality of apartment, additional services and living conditions. Usually by the day flats are rented directly from the owner and paid upon check-in or by means of non-cash payments.

Rent an apartment in Irkutsk via – is the right choice!